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Who Are Stronger - Brazil Or Argentina?

South American Debate: Who Are Stronger - Brazil Or Argentina?
South American powerhouses - Brazil and Argentina - have struggled in the region's World Cup qualifiers but their performances during mid-week friendly matches suggest that they are back to their best.

South American powers - Brazil and Argentina - count with extraordinary squads, but although both nations are expected to be candidates for the 2010 World Cup they have been extremely inconsistent during the World Cup qualifiers.

In recent months Brazil have picked up some positive results on the road, but at home their record has been awful. Dunga's side haven't managed a victory in their last three home games - after three goalless draws against Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia. Immense pressure has hit the squad, and it seemed that Dunga would be out of a job.

Meanwhile, Argentina have only won once in their last seven matches, a run of results that led to Alfio Basile's eventual resignation. With the amount of quality in their squad, Argentina should be doing a great deal better. Instead they have been neutralized by difficult opponents, who have found a way to contain them, even with inferior squads.

Despite lots of problems during the qualifiers, if the results both teams picked up during mid-week friendly matches were any indication, they should be back at their very best when the World Cup qualifiers resume in March 2009.

Brazil played arguably their best game since Dunga took charge of the national team in 2006, with a stunning 6-2 demolition of a highly-rated Portugal side in Brasilia.

The Selecao came from behind to record a massive win that will surely boost the side for future matches. What caught the attention of most viewers was the offensive power of the side, and the way they were able to penetrate the Portuguese defense at relative ease. Also some of the goals Brazil scored were nothing less than extraordinary. Are Brazil back to their all-time best? We think so.

Diego Maradona debuted as the coach of Argentina with a narrow 1-0 victory over Scotland in Hampden Park. The Argentines played some entertaining football during the encounter, and must have been relieved by the win, particularly because they have struggled to claim victories in recent qualifiers, even when playing in-front of their own fans. But is it a sign of things to come, will Maradona manage to change their mentality for the more decisive matches?

After impressive results, it seems that both Brazil and Argentina are back on track, and at this rate, both teams will surely secure qualification to the World Cup. Although it is early, when the tournament gets underway in South Africa, both teams should be firm candidates for the title.

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